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Johannesburg Holiday Packages

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Johannesburg - Holiday Tour Packages


Johannesburg: Stepping into the City of Gold without the Brick Roads - More commonly known as Jozi or Jo'burg, Johannesburg is the vibrant heart of South Africa. From years of decline and decay, it is now developing optimistically towards a brighter and more energetic city. If there's one thing that the Johannesburg city skyline represents, it is a rapid development and booming tourism. So how about you travel and spend your next vacation in Jo'burg?


Revel in spectacular sightseeing & activities that will make your holiday truly unforgettable.



Places to visit in Johannesburg


Every district in Johannesburg is an adventure to explore, discover or just to acquaint yourself with. The inner city has now become a tourist gem, full of surprises that are a far cry from the once no-go zone. The cultural districts of Newtown and Braamfontein are teeming with energy and creativity, extending far and wide in their theatres, museums and even restaurants and cafes.


Soweto or the South Western Townships, on the other hand, is becoming a popular destination that people from around the world travel to. It is home to the Credo Mutwa village, and Zulu and Sotho, two restored villages.And for a taste of affluence and sophistication, head out to Rosebank and Sandton. 



Things to do in Johannesburg


There is a reason why Johannesburg is named the City of Gold, and you just can't help but chant Ole Ole Ole whenever you think about it.  Regardless of what you love soccer, arts and many others, Johannesburg has you covered. 

  • Wine and dine at some of the best restaurants in the city, ranging from budget to high-end. 
  • Mingle with the locals or just dance the night away in some of the fabulous venues that make up the nightlife in the city. 
  • Be entertained at a wide array of entertainment options, from theatres to arts and culture venues.
  • Go shopping in flea markets or high-end shopping centres, depending on where you want to burn money away. 


A vacation in Johannesburg can be a learning experience, depending on the holiday packages that you choose. Some of the options include a township tour to Soweto, a trip to botanical gardens, bird gardens and nature reserves. Don't forget to immerse in the local culture through the Sophiatown heritage tours and a visit in the Lesedi Cultural Village. Still looking for other things to do? Take a look around and you'll see plenty more sightseeing & activities to enjoy.



Top attractions in Johannesburg


Tourist attractions in the City of Gold ranges from natural to man-made. And seeing them may not be possible in a one or two-week vacation. So you might want to schedule your holiday longer than this. Your itinerary should include some of the highlights in Johannesburg.

  • The Central Business District that fully developed in time for the 2010 World Cup. It has arts for cornerstones. 
  • There are numerous museums spread all over the city, including the Mandela Family Museum, which is, you guessed it, the first home of the Mandela’s. Other museums worth visiting are South African National Museum of Military History, James Hall museum of Transport, Absa Money Museum and The Apartheid Museum. 



Johannesburg holiday packages


Want to see more of South Africa? There are just as many nearby attractions as those found in Johannesburg, maybe even more. So how about it, Jozi? Signup for a Johannesburg holiday packages



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