Himachal Pradesh Holiday Packages

Himachal Pradesh Holiday Packages

Mountains. That is what greets you in Himachal Pradesh, India’s offering to the lovers of outdoors and adventures. Whatever you can do on a mountain – climb, ski, paraglide – you can do here.

But just because it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s playground doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for those not inclined to adventure. The view of interlocking mountains makes Himachal worthy of exploration by bus, car, motorbike, or foot. If you can’t wait to get started on this trip, La Vacanza has some Himachal Pradesh holiday packages you might enjoy.


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Destination Guide

Himachal is a mountainous state and it is that very nature that attracts many tourists to its doors. There are many hill stations such as Shimla and Dharamshala to explore, and there are several Hindu pilgrimage sites to see. Of course, given its terrain, one mostly comes to this part of India for the adventurous activities. Browse through our Himachal holiday packages to see a combination of incredible sites to see.

Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Hill stations

A mixture of culture and history greets visitors at different hill stations in Himachal. Shimla, for instance, was the Summer Capital of the British during their occupation of India. Evidence of their stay remains in the architecture of churches and buildings across the city.

Hindu pilgrimage sites.

There are several prominent temples located in Himachal, including the Naina Devi Temple, Vajreshwari Devi Temple, and Chamunda Devi Temple – just to name a few. Since they are quite popular attractions, it’s not hard to find holiday packages with a visit to one.

McLeod Ganj

This is a suburb of Dharamshala and is known as “Little Lhasa” for its large Tibetan population. The Dalai Lama’s temple is also located here, along with other Buddhist and Tibetan sites.

Things to do in Himachal Pradesh


With more than 200 defined trails, it can be tough to pick a trekking spot. That’s not even counting the varied terrain on the trails. Although there are many areas to go on a trek, the most popular ones are the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, as well as the routes that pass between the Shimla region and the Kullu valley.


White water rafting is one of the most fun activities you can do with family and friends. And the place where you can enjoy it best in Himachal is at the Beas River in Kullu, which is also home to several pilgrimage sites for Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs.

Yoga and meditation

Himachal is the perfect setting for you to practice yoga and do some meditation. What’s not to love about the fresh mountain air, the inspiring landscape, and the jaw-dropping natural beauty that surrounds you? There might even be holiday packages that include a trip to a retreat for some yoga or meditation sessions.

Top Attractions in Himachal Pradesh

Tsuglagkhang Complex

This is where the Dalai Lama’s temple is located. Apart from the temple, the complex also includes the Namgyal Gompa and the Tibet Museum.


Who fancies a trip around a glacial lake that offers up different shades of blue? Although the road is rough, you can drive the first 12 kilometers. After that, it’s a kilometer of exploration on foot.


The British Summer Capital has a lot to offer, even exercise while seeing colonial structures.

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