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Jammu Holiday Packages

Jammu Holiday Packages

Jammu is the name of one of the districts in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and it's also the name of the district's largest city. Jammu the city is considered to be the winter capital of the state because of its humid subtropical climate and relatively mild winters (the average lowest temperature is only around 9 degrees Celsius). So, those who are planning to travel to Jammu and Kashmir during the cold season may want to visit this area and see what it has to offer. Checkout our offering of Jammu holiday packages and tours.



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Destination Guide

Places to visit in Jammu 


Jammu calls itself as the “City of Temples”, which isn't really surprising since there are indeed numerous places of worship in the area. These include the Ranbireshwar Temple (which is famous for its Shiva lingams made of crystal), the Mahamaya Temple, and the Panchbakhtar Temple.


Aside from temples, Jammu is also home to a couple of royal palaces. One of them is the Mubarak Mandi Palace, which has been damaged by fires and earthquakes but still has retained its elegance and class.

It has gone through renovations, though care has been taken to preserve its architecture (which is a blend of Mughal, Rajasthani, and European baroque styles). 

Shopping Areas

There are lots of markets, bazaars, and shopping centers in Jammu, so those who are vacationing in the area can easily buy what they need.

One example is the Raghunath Bazaar, which offers handicrafts, dried fruits, and handloom products. Another is the Gole Market, where visitors can find footwear, footwear, and other modern merchandise. 

Things to do in Jammu

Explore the ancient structures and learn more about culture and history. 

Tantalize your taste buds with the local food. Grab a bite of Kalari cheese, which is indigenous to Jammu. Try desserts like panjiri (fried whole-wheat flour with sugar, ghee, and dried fruit) and patisa (a crispy treat made of sugar, chickpea flour, ghee, cardamom, and milk).

Relax by the Tawi River and enjoy its peaceful ambiance. While you're at it, you can visit the Peer Kho Cave and see its crystal lingams.

Top attractions of Jammu 

Amar Mahal

The Amar Mahal was designed by a French architect, so it's not surprising to notice that the building has a distinct European look and feel.

Made of red brick, the palace features ornate columns, decorative stones on the walls, and a long outdoor corridor that's protected by a sloping roof. The Amar Mahal has art galleries that feature the works of different Indian artists and give visitors an insight into Indian history and culture. 

Raghunath Mandir

Raghunath Mandir is a well-known attraction because it's located right in the heart of Jammu and is considered to be the biggest temple complex in North India.

Built in the 19th century, the temple has seven shrines and features gold-plated interiors as well as galleries that contain numerous saligramas (gray ammonite fossils that symbolize Hindu deities). 

Jammu holiday packages

These are just some of the wonders that Jammu can offer. Book your Jammu holiday packages and tours now to visit the attractions and enjoy the activities in Jammu and Kashmir's winter capital.

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