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Mizoram Holiday Packages

Mizoram Holiday Packages

Mizoram is very well the land of the Mizos, tribes or clans who settled in the hills as early as anyone can remember. The Northeast Indian state features not just hills, but valleys, lakes, and rivers. You will never run out of places to visit and things to do while in the state. Mizoram Holiday packages for all sorts of adventures in Aizawl, its capital and neighbouring towns await you. (Picture : Public.Resource.org)



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Destination Guide

The Jhum and the Kut

The state of Mizoram once part of Assam, another Northeast Indian state, was declared a Union Territory and then later a State of India in 1987. Nowadays, it’s one of the main transit points to Assam and Manipur.
The people of Mizoram are generally engaged in agriculture and forestry. The practice of jhum farming or slash-and-burn is deeply ingrained in the Mizo culture although it has been gradually replaced with more sustainable horticultural methods.
Interestingly, the festivals of Mizoram are traditionally based on the jhum cultivation. These festivals for spring and the like are called kut.

Mizoram Holiday Tour Packages

With festivities, nature treks, and cultural activities lined up, expect holiday packages for your vacation in Mizoram to be memorable, colorful, and fun.

Best Places to See in Mizoram

Festivals. Of all the major and minor festivals in Mizoram, the Chapchar Kut reigns supreme. It is meant to showcase the heritage of the Mizo people. This spring festival that occurs every March and runs for a week is the most important harvest festival in Mizoram. 
During the Chapchar Kut, you’ll see people dressed in their best traditional costumes, traditional dances such as the bamboo dance (Cheraw) performed, and music and songs played throughout. All villages in Mizoram are celebrating so you can always join this huge cultural event.
Nature Parks. The closest nature park from the capital, Aizawl is Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park that stretches across the mountain and nearby forest. Indeed, the national park got its name from the highest peak in Mizoram. 
What’s amazing about this national reserve are the species of flora and fauna. Leopards, slow lorises, tigers, gorals, macaques consider the park their home. Rhododendrons also abound along with orchids and daphnia. 
Waterfalls. Another must-visit destination is Vantawng Falls. See the majestic falls of about 750 feet flanked between hillsides. Owing to its location, no one can really get as close to the falls.
There’s an observatory deck however for your viewing pleasure. 

Best Things to Do in Mizoram 

There are so many things to do in Mizoram, including:

Joining the festivities.
Chapchar Kut requires you to join the fun in your feet. Yes, no shoes allowed.
Trekking and Camping.
You can best explore the Blue Mountain National Park by trekking. What view awaits you when you reach the cliffs? The Chhimtuipui River and Myanmar’s hills. Camping in the grounds is allowed too.
What’s on the menu? Well, the delicious cuisine of Mizoram. There’s Koat Pitha, Misa Mach Poora, Bamboo Shoot, etc. Feel free to ask the locals.
Some of the best souvenirs from your Mizoram holiday packages can be found in the Luangmual Handicrafts Centre. Near Aizawl, it features the products of the region from bags, home decor, woven clothes and lots more.

Mizoram Holiday Packages

The landscape, culture, heritage and the very people of Mizoram want you to come visit soon. Skip the trouble of organizing and let us lend you a hand in your Mizoram holiday packages.

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