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Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Live like a nomad for a day or two in the vast landscape of Thar Desert. Dust yourself up and step into a totally different world with forts, palaces, temples and markets spread all over. This is the scene you will get to enjoy when in Rajasthan. With the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Ajmer in its fold, holiday packages in this state is diverse, with plenty of possibilities for fun and excitement. Don't just stop at one city. Explore them all without missing out on all the beauty and treasures that make up Rajasthan with the help of La Vacanza. Book your tour with us. 


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Golden Triangle Tour - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

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Best of Rajasthan with Agra

Duration: 12 Nights | 13 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

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Rajasthan - Holiday Tour Packages


Living up to its name that literally translates as the Land of Kings, Rajasthan is renowned for its long history of maharajas that left behind ruins of lavish palaces, splendid forts, and imposing bastions that make up a fairytale-like landscape. But even more magnificent are the two prominent attractions that draw people from all over the world to Rajasthan – one of the world's oldest mountain ranges and a mysterious and inhospitable vast desert. The diverse landscape and culture of this attractive travel destination, provides an exciting mix of sightseeing & activities that Rajasthan can deliver in its own unique way.


Places to visit in Rajasthan

As the largest state of India by area, Rajasthan has several regions with cities and destinations that anyone would love to travel to.

  • The state capital Jaipur is part of the so-called Golden Triangle of India. Together with Agra and Delhi, they make up three major destinations with world-renowned tourist attractions. Holiday packages to India will not be complete without a tour to the Golden Triangle.
  • Ajmer is home to one of the most important and popular pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims, while Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s equivalent to Greece's Santorini.

Other destinations worth visiting include national parks, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, lakes and Mount Abu, the only hill station in the state with a beautiful lake surrounded by hills on all sides.


Things to do in Rajasthan

  • Go sightseeing and check out iconic landmarks, natural wonders and ruins of royal kingdoms in the past
  • Cycle your way around different parts of Rajasthan and the Indian countryside
  • Sign up for a camel safari as an alternative to a cycling tour or just a unique way of experiencing Rajasthan
  • Experience living in a ranch, and go horseback riding at the hills and surrounding areas
  • Visit bird sanctuary, wildlife parks and national parks to get up close with endemic and migratory species in the area
  • Go on a jeep safari or on a hot air balloon ride to see more of Rajasthan in one day
  • Sign up for a desert safari and spend a day or so at the world famous Thar desert

One of the best things to do when in Rajasthan, especially for women travelers is to have henna tattoos done on their hands and feet. It is one of the best ways to immerse in the local culture during your vacation.


Top attractions in Rajasthan

  • Ranthambore National Park - Declared as an Indian wildlife sanctuary in 1957, Ranthambore National Park is one of the few places to visit during the extreme hot summer months in Rajasthan. Because of the park's many water bodies, you'll see a significant number of animals grazing around the water holes.
  • Thar Dessert - Vast, arid, hot and almost empty, the Thar Dessert may not seem a place you would normally want to travel to during your vacation, but its popularity that has reach different corners of the world would make you curious as to the kind of secrets it holds. Despite its inhospitable landscape and atmosphere, you would include the Thar desert in your list of sightseeing & activities in Rajasthan.



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