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Kannur Holiday Packages

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Kannur - Holiday Tour Packages


Formerly known as Cannanore, Kannur is a city and a municipal corporation in the state of Kerala in India. The city, including its surrounding areas, is known as the Land of Looms and Lores because of its loom industries and the ritualistic native folk arts that are held in its temples. Aside from this, the city is also popular for its pristine beaches. Here are some tips for your visit to Kannur during your Kerala vacation.        


Top places to visit in Kannur

This city, which is far less crowded by tourists than the southern part of the state, is an attraction in its own right. The main draw here includes the spots where enthralling theyyam possession rituals are held and the undeveloped but beautiful beaches. However, you should keep in mind that this is a predominantly Muslim area, which means that you should observe local sensibilities, like wearing a sarong on the beach.


Top things to do in Kannur

Among the activities in this destination, here are some of the best that you should experience:

  • Visit the temples - Kannur has numerous great temples, so you should check them out. One of them is the Raja Rajeshwari Temple, which is a very old temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Take the mangrove trail of Malabar - Located in Kandankali, this is a coastal jungle trail that offers close-up views of marine, bird and plant life. The main draw here is the mangrove ecosystem and the breathtaking landscape that is dominated by waterways and tidal creeks. The inter-tidal ecosystem here is inhabited by various species of fish, crabs, shrimps, mudskippers and birds.
  • Visit Ravi - Ravi is a small town that is known for its beautiful backwaters that join the Arabian Sea. On your way to the place, you will pass by the ancient Vettakkorumakan temple, which is also known as Mandothumkavu.


Top attractions and landmarks in Kannur

Here are some of the best attractions that you can have in your Kannur holiday itinerary:

  • St. Angelo’s Fort - This fort was constructed in 1505 on the Arabian Sea about 3 kilometers from the town. It is a fairly well-preserved and protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.
  • Kizhunna Beach - This beach is very well defined and unspoiled, being quite away from large tourist crowds but is still close to town, offering unmatched beach-bumming experience. Aside from local tourists, this beach has been popular among European travelers thanks to the presence of several beach houses and home stays nearby.
  • Arackal Kottaram - This palace is a treasure for history buffs, though it is a private property of current Ali Beevi. But today, much of the palace is already open to visitors who want to see the grandeur of Islamic architecture and art in Kerala.


Kannur holiday packages

There are many ways to discover this beautiful city of Kannur, and you will be able to have them by booking Kerala holiday packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel.



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