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Mathura - Holiday Tour Packages


Once a Buddhist center turned sacred city of Hinduism, Mathura is a city in Uttar Pradesh that is bursting with the contemplative and divine element of Hinduism, with remnants from its Buddhist past, ruins and sculptures showing signs that Hinduism and Buddhism ever existed together. What makes this travel destination even holier is the belief that it is the birthplace of the Hindu god lord Krishna. So expect sightseeing & activities that you will experience during your vacation to take on an almost divine feel. 


Places to visit in Mathura 

  • Temples - As one of the sacred cities of Hinduism, expect Mathura to have more than just one religious site. There are practically temples in every corner of the city. Among the most notable is Kesava Deo Temple, where one foundation is a bare room that houses a slab of rock where Krisha’s mother is believed to have given birth to him. Other temples are Dwarkadheesh Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple, Jaigurudeo Temple, and Mathura Jain Chorasi, among others. 
  • Yamuna River - Along Yamuna River, you will find a line of temples and ghats (river front), including Vishram Ghat, believed to be where Krishna rested after he killed King Kansa. To the north of the river is the main road bridge, and next to the Vishram Ghat is a four-story tower Sati Burj. You have the option to watch from the streets or from the waters. 
  • Museums - There is just a few museums in Mathura, so you should check them out during your vacation. The Archaeological Museum is home to Mathura school’s collection of religious sculptures, while the Government Museum houses sculptures of Mathura and Grandhar, and remnants of the Gupta and Kushan period. 


Things to do in Mathura 

  • Take a boat cruise along the Yamuna River and get a different view of the temples and ghats from the waters. There are plenty of boats that will take tourists for a short river cruise.
  • Go temple hopping and find out if you can really feel the divine presence of Krishna, particularly in Kesava Deo Temple. Pilgrim or not, it will be one-of-a-kind experience that you should not miss when in this travel location. 
  • Go souvenir shopping and buy those that can only be found in Mathura or India, such as Pooja articles and books on different aspects of life. 
  • Watch Ramleela. September to October is the period when a play about Lord Rama is performed, a play act that is definitely worth watching. 


Top attractions in Mathura

  • Gita Temple - What makes this temple distinct is that it is not built entirely in honor of gods, but also for the Hindu Song of the Divine One or Bhagavad Gita. In the garden, you will find a red pillar where the lines of the song are written. 
  • Govardhan Hill - In Hindu mythology, the Govardhan Hill was lifted by Lord Krishna in order to give the god of rain and thunder Indra the defeat he deserved. Today, the hill is where Vaishnavites go to for a pilgrim 

Mathura is close to Delhi and is one of the heritage cities for HRIDAY - Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of Government of India. Ready for a vacation to Mathura? Check out holiday packages to the holy city today. 



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